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Sounding Furniture Three

Sounding Furniture 2012, though conserving the conceptual structure of Vibractions 1978, also introduces some significant differences. The strings no longer cross the space in an orthogonal pattern, but cross it to become a device that permits the hanging of old pieces of furniture that seem to float in the air. Like flying architectures, free of the force of gravity, they invent an ulterior space with respect to the environment in which they are positioned: each one resonates in a different way, depending on its form, size, the quality of the wood, the tension and length of the strings from which it hangs. The intention – the artist says – is to “reveal their voice,” just as in the first version of Vibractions the goal was to “play the space.”

Project Details

Length : 01', 23''
Date : 2015

Ferruccio Ascari - 2015
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